We are a group of originally born Penang boy in 1970’s. During our childhood time, we explored everywhere by bicycle. We went for fish catching, spider catching, fruits plugging, swimming in the pond and we played many type of childhood games. By time passing and we all had grown up, these experiences no longer happen to the current kids.

In 2014. we found this place and we named it Titi Teras Village House. We started to keep all our bicycles here. Every weekend, we cycling around Balik Pulau district, we visit the vegetable farms, fisherman village, mangrove forest, paddy field (rice farm) and palm oil estate.  We decorate and upgrade Titi Teras Village House by all the recycle furniture and DIY projects. Travelers and cyclists from all over the world come here as volunteers to help us on this project.

Now, we want to share our dream to everybody! We wanna bring you discover Balik Pulau countryside by riding bicycle. Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenes, delicious local food and friendly people in Balik Pulau.